Automated, fast, reliable extraction of multimodal data

Qynapse® helps pharmaceutical companies, neurologists, radiologists and imaging experts leverage imaging in a novel way along with other clinical data for differential diagnosis, prognosis and drug evaluation of neurological disorders.


Innovative technologies for automated biomarkers extraction and machine-learning

Our patent-pending methods utilize sensitive MRI/PET/SPECT measures with meaningful clinical data to deliver precise and interpretable scores, presented in comparison to gender and age-appropriate reference charts. Measures are inputs for the classification algorithm as illustrated below:

Hippocamp atrophy Hippocamp atrophy Hippocamp atrophy Hippocamp atrophy
Hippocamp atrophy Quantification of hippocampal atrophy

Changes in MRI/PET/SPECT biomarkers preceed symptom onset in subjects with neurological disorders, as depicted below for dementia:

Qynapse® helps effectively measure these biomarkers that enable more accurate diagnosis and disease management.

Clinical trials

Enabling better patients selection for more targeted studies

Qynapse® integrates with leading clinical trial management software to provide end-to-end management of images.

Patient care

Precise insight for the identification of disease sub-type and prognosis

Qynapse® is a software delivered as a service (SaaS).

About us

Qynapse® provides innovative technology to measure drug efficacy and predict disease outcome in neurology.
We help pharmaceutical companies, neurologists, radiologists and imaging experts make the most of medical images by automatically quantifying a wide range of imaging biomarkers and combining them with other medical data for more accurate decisions.
Qynapse® is a spin-off company of the French neuro-imaging platform CATI and is headquartered in Paris, France.



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