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QyScore® Clinical Utility in Alzheimer's disease & other Dementias

AAIC 2022 Posters:

  • Longo dos Santos C., et al. (2022) Relationship between MTA visual scale scores and hippocampal volume measured by a medical device in patients from a multicentric memory clinic population
  • Longo dos Santos C., et al. (2022) Correlation between quantitative and qualitative assessments of white matter hyperintensities in patients from a multicentric memory clinic population
  • Schwarz A.J., et al. (2022) Prevalence and clinical associations of atrophy subtypes using clinical routine image analysis software in MCI patients from a memory clinic population
  • Gordon E., et al. (2022) Four-year cognitive decline in mild cognitive impairment patients with distinct baseline neuroanatomical atrophy profiles: A MEMENTO and QyScore® study

AAIC 2021 Poster: 

QyScore® Clinical Utility in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders

ECR 2022 Oral presentation:

  • Mambrin F., et al. (2022) Comparison of the accuracy of quantitative automatic and radiological imaging markers in distinguishing Parkinson Disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
QyScore® Clinical Utility in Multiple Sclerosis

ECTRIMS 2022 Poster:

ACTRIMS 2022 Poster:

  • Tran P., et al. (2022) Automated MRI Lesion Analysis and reporting as a computer-assisted radiology tool for determination of McDonald Criteria

EAN 2021 Poster:

  • Tran P., et al. (2021) Brain Volumes Alterations in Multiple Sclerosis Patients: Comparison to QyScore® Normative Data

ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2020 Poster (MS Virtual 2020):

  • Tran P., et al. (2020) Brain volumes alterations in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients versus healthy controls in comparison to QyScore® normative database
QyScore® Validation & Performance results

Publication in European Radiology Journal – Validation results:

  • Cavedo E., et al. (2022) Validation of an automatic tool for the rapid measurement of brain atrophy and white matter hyperintensity: QyScore®. Eur Radiol 32, 2949–2961 (2022).
  • Cavedo E, et al. (2022) Validation of an automatic tool for the rapid measurement of brain atrophy and white matter hyperintensity in clinical routine setting: QyScore®. European Radiology. 2022;32(5):2949-2961. 

Publication in Neuroimage Clinical – Performance results:

  • Tran P., et al. (2022) Automatic segmentation of white matter hyperintensities: validation and comparison with state-of-the-art methods on both Multiple Sclerosis and elderly subjects. Neuroimage Clin. 2022;33:102940.

Poster ACTRIMS Forum 2022 – Reproducibility results: 

  • Morales-Pinzón A., et al. (2022)  Scan-rescan and field-strength reproducibility of brain volumetry and white matter lesions determined using QyScore®, a regulatory-approved automated software platform



Symposium presentation at AD/PD 2022:

CTAD 2020 & 2021 Posters:

  • Samper-Gonzalez J., et al. (2021) QyPredict®: added value to patient selection strategies and statistical analysis in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials
  • Movschin A., et al. (2020) Use of predictive algorithms for the selection of patients in clinical trials: an enrichment strategies comparison
Clinical Trials Biomarkers

AD/PD 2022 Poster:

  • Huet P., et al. (2022) An automated pipeline for centiloid quantification of amyloid load using multiple PET tracer

Publication in Alzheimers Dement. Journal:

  • Dubois B. et al. (2015) “Hippocampus Study Group”. Donepezil decreases annual rate of hippocampal atrophy in suspected prodromal Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimers Dement. 2015;11(9):1041-9.

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