Together is the only way forward to an accurate future of diagnosis and treatment

Alone we stay exactly where we are. Together, we are moving forward to a brighter and more accurate future of diagnosis and treatment for central nervous system diseases.

Qynapse offers groundbreaking peace of mind by providing results you can trust.

To healthcare practitioners, we bring empowering, illuminating data.

To pharma and biotech, we bring reliable measurements which have the potential to impact clinical trial outcomes and the monitoring of therapies post-market.

To payers, QyScore® offers the possibility to drive down long-term healthcare costs, improve outcomes and improve patient satisfaction.

To patients and their loved ones, QyScore® provides MRI analyses to their healthcare providers that may help bring clarity and peace of mind.

For healthcare providers, pharma, payers and, above all, patients and their loved ones, Qynapse, through QyScore®, brings groundbreaking peace of mind to the global fight against CNS disease. Together, with our world-renowned team of scientific and clinical partners, Qynapse has developed one of the largest datasets of proprietary algorithms that rapidly, accurately and objectively analyze and interpret a brain scan.

Our technology is a
game changer.

Our FDA-Cleared and CE-marked neuroimaging software platform, QyScore®, and our predictive research-use-only platform, QyPredict®, are powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence.

Our flagship solution, QyScore®, provides a large portfolio of automated measures of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration, such as whole brain, white matter, grey matter by lobe, cerebellum, white matter abnormalities and brain substructures. QyScore® is used in clinical routine and clinical trial settings and is both comprehensive and scientifically based. 

Our automated patient report and proprietary 3D visualization platform, provides physicians and pharma researchers a reliable layer of precision when reading an MRI scan, offering clarity to patients and their loved ones and setting out the potential for an expedited and improved to-market process for a larger number of CNS drug therapies.

Automated platform with 16 patents, 20 algorithms and over 200 measures of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation

Create the potential for better longitudinal monitoring of therapeutic efficacy and safety for patients, as well as the potential to improve patient outcomes and quality of life

Predictive AI technology to impact clinical trial design and outcomes – supported by 2 patents and for research use only

Will you Join Us?

The future of neuroimaging analysis is here, and Qynapse is leading the way. For clinicians on the front lines, for pharma researchers, for payers, for patients and their families – we offer objective clarity with the potential to support the diagnosis and monitoring of CNS disease.

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Qyscore® is a medical device software FDA-cleared – class II and CE-marked – class IIa.

Indications for Use in the U.S. (FDA): QyScore® is intended for automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures and lesions from a set of MR images. Volumetric data may be compared to reference percentile data. QyScore is not intended for use in clinical scenarios that require evaluation of the number of the white matter hyperintensities.

Indications for Use in Europe (CE): QyScore® is an advanced processing and visualization software for automatic labeling and volumetric quantification of segmented central nervous system structures for patients older than 18 years of age. The software is intended to be used by medical personnel or neuroimaging trained personnel to support diagnosis of central nervous system diseases.