Automated MRI analyses that may help inform earlier, more accurate views of CNS disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

For healthcare providers on the frontlines of diagnosing and treating central nervous system disease, and for your patients, Qynapse brings groundbreaking peace of mind by providing results you can trust through its flagship solution, QyScore®.

The global fight against CNS disease starts with each patient… and you.

Alone, we stay exactly where we are. Together, we can move forward into the future of CNS disease diagnosis and treatment. Our FDA-Cleared and CE-marked platform, QyScore®, in use in the US and EU and expanding soon into new global markets, is simple to access, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with your existing clinical workflows in order to inform your clinical decisions.

Powered by robust technology, QyScore® provides objective measures that have the potential to improve the accuracy of your diagnosis, evaluate therapeutic impact and more precisely measure disease progression. With Qynapse, you and your patients will see the entire picture, clearly and quickly. This assists you, your patients and their loved ones to focus on treatment plans that may improve outcomes and quality of life.

Our technology is a game changer.

For Radiology and Neurology:

QyScore® offers precise, automated, accurate and data-driven imaging analysis to enable the potential for personalized clinical support.

QyScore®, our FDA-Cleared and CE-marked AI-powered software platform automatically selects and measures markers of interest that indicate the presence and severity of CNS disease in your patient’s brain scan, such as whole brain, white matter, grey matter by lobe, cerebellum, white matter abnormalities and brain substructures.

This innovative platform adds measurable precision and objectivity to brain scan analysis and provides the potential for improved outcomes for your patient. To facilitate review by physicians, an automated patient report is rapidly generated after each QyScore® analysis and results are viewable in our proprietary and integrated 3D visualization platform.


  • Provides the potential for earlier detection
  • Produces data and results that may assist in timely diagnosis and
    prognosis by comparing results with a large database of controls
  • Decreases image reading variability and segmentation errors by 89%
  • Provides the potential for a more accurate diagnosis, measure of drug
    efficacy and the ability to monitor disease progression
  • Provides MRI analyses that may help inform a healthcare provider’s
    ability to monitor safety in patients on therapeutic interventions and
    better facilitate therapeutic switching

QyScore® is FDA-Cleared and CE-Marked


Decrease Variability

Decreases image reading variability and segmentation errors by 89%

Precise Diagnosis and Monitoring

Potential to help facilitate a more precise diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression

Imaging Insights

Potential to support early intervention and better patient outcomes

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Qyscore® is a medical device software FDA-cleared – class II and CE-marked – class IIa.

Indications for Use in the U.S. (FDA): QyScore® is intended for automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures and lesions from a set of MR images. Volumetric data may be compared to reference percentile data. QyScore® is not intended for use in clinical scenarios that require evaluation of the number of the white matter hyperintensities.

Indications for Use in Europe (CE): QyScore® is an advanced processing and visualization software for automatic labeling and volumetric quantification of segmented central nervous system structures for patients older than 18 years of age. The software is intended to be used by medical personnel or neuroimaging trained personnel to support diagnosis of central nervous system diseases.