See clearly and quickly
with Qynapse’s AI-powered
neuroimaging software platform.

Our quest is to enhance your clinical trial design and increase the likelihood of trial success by leveraging our precise and objective AI-powered neuroimaging software platform. 

Increase your clinical trial success.

For clinical researchers, pharma and biotech, our neuroimaging software platform QyScore® and our predictive research-use-only platform QyPredict®, has the potential to dramatically increase the likelihood of a successful clinical trial by enhancing trial design, providing measurement precision, simplifying and decentralizing the clinical trial process to improve patient selection and endpoint protection.

  • Improve pre-identification of patients by analyzing thousands of imaging datasets simultaneously and in conjunction with other clinical markers
  • Automate image pre-processing, quality control and image analysis with results you can trust
  • Provide more objectivity and automation to create the potential for more precise measurement of drug efficacy and safety for clinical trials

The future of neuroimaging is here.

Qynapse combines global scientific expertise and proprietary AI with a normative dataset to provide precise and reliable imaging measures, such as:

  • Whole brain, white matter and grey matter by lobe
  • White matter abnormalities and brain substructures
  • Diffusion and functional MRI
  • Basal ganglia and thalamus
  • Cerebellum, ventricles, brain stem and spinal cord volumes
  • Amyloid PET and functional MRI

That’s why Qynapse has global support from the most renowned and respected CNS disease experts and principal investigators.

QyScore® has demonstrated superior performance compared to certain other automated state-of-the-art methods and has been validated against gold-standard manual segmentation. FDA-Cleared and CE-Marked, QyScore® will be expanding soon into new global markets.

QyScore + QyPredict

Qynapse’s research and clinical trials platform:


Decrease Variability

Decreases image reading variability and segmentation by 89%

Largest Normative Dataset

of over 10,000 brain scan images of healthy and disease-specific controls

Automated Measures

Over 200 automated measures of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration

If you’re a clinical researcher, pharma or biotech, our team is standing by, ready to demonstrate the power of Qynapse. Reach out and we’ll be in touch soon.

Qyscore® is a medical device software FDA-cleared – class II and CE-marked – class IIa.

Indications for Use in the U.S. (FDA): QyScore® is intended for automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures and lesions from a set of MR images. Volumetric data may be compared to reference percentile data. QyScore® is not intended for use in clinical scenarios that require evaluation of the number of the white matter hyperintensities.

Indications for Use in Europe (CE): QyScore® is an advanced processing and visualization software for automatic labeling and volumetric quantification of segmented central nervous system structures for patients older than 18 years of age. The software is intended to be used by medical personnel or neuroimaging trained personnel to support diagnosis of central nervous system diseases.