Qynapse to Sponsor and Present New Data on QyPredict® at Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease Conference (CTAD 2021)

BOSTON, MA, November 4, 2021, PRNewswire – Qynapse Inc., a medical technology company commercializing an AI-powered neuroimaging software platform for central nervous system (CNS) disorders, is pleased to sponsor the 14th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease conference (CTAD) to be held from November 9-12, 2021, in Boston, MA. Qynapse will present new results on Qypredict®, its AI predictive technology designed to bring value to patient selection strategies and statistical analysis in Alzheimer’s clinical trials.

“We are thrilled to sponsor this year’s edition of CTAD and to be present in-person for interactions with the Alzheimer’s disease and pharma communities, and to highlight our latest products and clinical trial support tools, including new PET imaging pipelines. We will also present an e-poster on our latest results with QyPredict®, demonstrating utility as a screening tool for trials in MCI and as a covariate in the statistical analysis, to improve the likelihood of detecting positive treatment effects. We will also take the opportunity to bring together our Alzheimer’s disease scientific advisory board to discuss our product pipeline including tools to monitor ARIA-E and ARIA-H in patients receiving anti-amyloid drugs,” said Dr Adam Schwarz, recently appointed as Qynapse Chief Scientific Officer.

Qynapse’s extended executive leadership team will attend CTAD in-person to meet with the company’s key collaborators and clients and explore new partnerships in AD clinical trials.

Poster presentation details:  Scientific poster #LRP7 [Clinical Trial: methodology]: QyPredict®: added value to patient selection strategies and statistical analysis in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials, presented remotely by J. Samper-González, PhD.


About Qynapse Inc.:
Qynapse Inc. is a medical technology company commercializing an AI-powered and proprietary neuroimaging software platform that creates the potential for earlier clinical precision on the frontlines of CNS disease.
Qynapse’s flagship solution, QyScore®, FDA-Cleared and CE-Marked, combines MRI scans and artificial intelligence to produce rapid, actionable insights into CNS disorders, adding the potential for more precise and objective brain scan analysis. Qynapse’s predictive AI technology, QyPredict®, available for research use only, has the potential to predict disease trajectory and improve targeted patient selection in clinical trials.
Qynapse is headquartered in France, in the United States and in Canada.