Qynapse Unveils Strategic Rebrand to Support Accelerated Growth and New Corporate Vision

BOSTON, MA, September 20, 2021, PRNewswire – Qynapse Inc., a medical technology company commercializing an AI-powered neuroimaging software platform for central nervous system (CNS) disorders, unveils a full rebrand including new logo and a complete website redesign, intended to better reflect the company’s strategic vision, focus and its commitment to excellence.

The company has placed patient centricity at the core of its rebranding strategy, as Qynapse is striving to offer tools and solutions that help clinicians, payers and pharma get the most out of neuroimaging, with the goal of improving measurement precision, patient outcomes and quality of life for CNS diseases.

“Before the inception of Qynapse in 2015, we envisioned a future where neuroimaging AI was widely accepted and adopted as a critical solution for both clinical routine and clinical trials. Today, major steps have been achieved towards that vision. We are excited to launch our new brand identity that better reflects the organization Qynapse has become, committed to bringing game-changing technology to serve a brighter and more accurate future of diagnosis and treatment for patients with brain disorders,” said Qynapse CEO, Olivier Courrèges. 

Qynapse’s extensive rebranding initiative stems from some important milestones that the company has reached in the past year. Tackling new global markets such as Asia Pacific while maintaining a strong focus in Europe and North America has reinforced Qynapse’s stance as a neuroscience industry leader. 

Qynapse continues to pave the way towards more accurate, more reliable screening and monitoring of CNS disease in both clinical routine settings and clinical trial applications. Together, with its world-renowned team of scientific and clinical partners, Qynapse has developed one of the largest datasets of proprietary algorithms providing over 200 measures of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation, to rapidly, accurately and objectively analyze and interpret brain scans.

“As an industry, our thinking has evolved. AI is now a critical partner with humans to drive impactful change across the healthcare ecosystem. For healthcare providers, payers, pharma and, above all, patients, we aim to bring ground-breaking peace of mind by providing results they can trust, and our new brand identity  makes this motivation shine through. It also reflects our long-term vision, to combine imaging data together with other biomarkers and patient modalities to positively impact clinical trial outcomes and facilitate decision making across the CNS care continuum,” concluded Matt Ullum, Chief Commercial Officer at Qynapse.

Visit the new Qynapse website: www.qynapse.com 


ABOUT QYNAPSE Inc.: QYNAPSE Inc. is a medical technology company commercializing an AI-powered and proprietary neuroimaging software platform that creates the potential for earlier clinical precision on the frontlines of CNS disease. QYNAPSE is marketing its QyScore® software which provides a large portfolio of automated measures of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration for use in clinical routine and clinical trial settings, adding the potential for more precise and objective brain scan analysis. The QYNAPSE platform also includes QyPredict®, a research use only tool, that has the potential to predict disease trajectory and improve targeted patient selection in clinical trials. QYNAPSE is headquartered in France, in the United States and in Canada.