QyPredict®: an AI prediction technology for optimizing patient selection in clinical trials to be presented at the CTAD Conference by QYNAPSE

Paris, France and Boston, MA, November 3rd, 2020 – QYNAPSE SAS, a medical technology company, will present results on QyPredict®, an AI prediction technology for patient selection in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, at the 13th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) Conference. The software computes a cognitive decline risk score that can be used to enrich patient selection strategy with the aim to increase clinical trial success probability.

“Today we are still unable to predict the rate of cognitive decline of patients with prodromal Alzheimer’s disease. It is worth noting that the majority of Alzheimer’s clinical trials have failed over the past decade, probably because of our inability to include fast decliners. Advances in artificial intelligence may represent a huge opportunity in this field. Prediction tools can provide a high impact to better select the patients enrolled in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, increasing the chance of success,” said Pr. Bruno Dubois, Professor of Neurology at Sorbonne University, and Director of the Memory and Alzheimer’s Disease Institute (IM2A) at Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.

QyPredict® technology relies on both the patient’s MRI and clinical data that are included in machine learning algorithms, to provide an automated prediction of the trial primary outcome based on the patient profile. The technology is protected by two patents in the U.S. “Several years of R&D and collaboration with clinical and academic partners are necessary to develop and test robust algorithms on US & EU databases. Our tool offers a way for pharmaceutical companies to optimize patient recruitment for clinical trials, by prioritizing the selection of patients who are more likely to show a cognitive change within the trial duration. We now look forward to expanding collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies involved in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, to demonstrate the value of our technology on their clinical trials data,” said Clarisse Longo dos Santos, Ph.D., VP of Product Management at QYNAPSE.

QYNAPSE is presenting new results at virtual 2020 CTAD Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease Conference, comparing various recruitment strategies for patient enrichment using ADNI data, and evaluating the benefit of using a predictive tool such as QyPredict® for the selection of patients in clinical trials.

The poster presentation will be available on the CTAD live platform at 1 am US EST on November 4th and live Q&A session will be held from 1 to 2 pm US EST on the four days of the conference.

Poster [LP02]: “Use of predictive algorithms for the selection of patients in clinical trials: an enrichment strategies comparison”. Section: Clinical trials methodology. Presenting author: A. Movschin.

About QYNAPSE: Founded in 2015, QYNAPSE is a medical technology company, a spin-off from the CATI consortium of neuroimaging research laboratories. The company develops and markets solutions utilizing the potential of quantitative imaging and artificial intelligence to optimize diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of patients with neurological diseases. QYNAPSE is already marketing its QyScore® software in Europe and the United States for clinical routine and clinical trials. QyScore® allows automated quantification of a broad portfolio of imaging markers and the results are compared with a large normative dataset of healthy individuals, supporting a timely diagnosis and a precise monitoring of brain disorders. QYNAPSE is headquartered in France, the United States and Canada.